¿Conoces a High Høøps? Música para bailar bajo el sol.

El es HIGH HØØPS, un vocalista/productor/multinstrumentista cuyo verdadero nombre es Jordan Arts. Su música se caracteriza por fusionar RnB con nostalgia ochentera y buenas vibras; la mezcla perfecta para bailar lento bajo sol.
El originario de Nueva Zelanda trae un toque de frescura de pop experimental y muchas ganas de crear algo único y diferente.


Cada una de sus pistas muestra una gran calidad de ejecución, tanto en su producción cómo en el recurso de su voz; trabajo que se nota y lo ha llevado a abrir actos importantes. Desde su debut el artista ha compartido escenario con músicos como Lorde, Kaytranada (XL Recordings), MNDSGN (Stones Throw Records), Harvey Sutherland y Bermuda (Clarity).

Les dejamos la entrevista al la mente de este proyecto; esto fue lo que Jordan nos contó:


Most of us don't have the pleasure to know New Zealand, what can you tell us about your country and the music scene? 

Even a country as tiny as New Zealand, the opportunity for success is blurred into one potion pot with the internet and streaming taking charge. We have a lot of artists who are very "Kiwi-centric" and will sell out stadium shows while overseas and online it hasn't connected. Vice versa we have bedroom creators doing their thing with massive followings and critical hype on the other side of the world. In between those two values are fresh-thinking creators doing their purest form and connecting the dots for themselves. 


I feel as a "scene"; we're definitely caring less about what each other think and this idea that success can only happen by moving overseas - I'd like to think we're just doing it purely for ourselves. That's all you owe to yourself as a creator and to the listener - there's a "choose-your- own-adventure" existence with so much music at a listeners fingertips now that they can sense if something isn't authentic. NZ's on the up with that vibe.

Which contemporary musicians would you recommend for us the listen to?


From New Zealand? Avant-R&B pop specialist Matthew Young is about to drop some real heat. The rap super-crew SWIDT are from my small suburb of Onehunga and running the show. This is where I get cheeky and mention my own band LEISURE, we've been working on a second album released later this year. I also dig dream rock girl Fazerdaze and tasty production and DJ duo Manuel Darquart.  Marlon Williams if you want to have a conversation with your soul on a long drive somewhere.

How did you get into music?


My parents were always listening to music, whenever or wherever I was as a kid - there would be music playing. My dad had one particular VHS he'd thrash, it was Stereo MC's - Connected. At the age of 8 I'd go to the kitchen and pull out the pots and pans and drum along to the songs. Rhythm was always first so I played drums up until my late teens. I picked up production and sample based beat-making at around 14. St. Germain - Tourist and The Fugees - The Score were thrashed equally as hard in my childhood home. Weirdly enough, HØØPS sits as a balance and combination of the two in regards to sonics and vocal delivery. I can play a bit of bass now, albeit only on an upside down right handed bass.

Can you describe your work in 3 words?


Hawaiian Tropic Sunscreen


How did HIGH HØØPS get started?


HØØPS started as a side project that I could do away from normal working hours - it was always just whatever I wanted to make for whatever mood I was wanting to express. I'd never considered myself a vocalist but when it felt like so many talented beat-makers flooded the scene that I decided to be more confident with my voice as new avenue for character and emotion. You may find inspiration or a similar

sounding voice to yours but nobody else can truly be you so with that, the HØØPS sound started to develop. I'm comfortable with my voice now which has allowed me to grow and expand as a creator of sound.  

Do you have a favourite track of your own?


One of my favourites is a track called Utramood - it came together within an hour and expressed my complete feelings without any effort. A gift from the universe. I felt no pressure to sing on it until the bridge at the later end of the track. Sometimes things should "feel" right without question. I love being able to answer to absolutely nothing or nobody sometimes. This song is an example of that.

What can you tell us about your latest song Body?


It went through quite a few different moods to get where it ended up actually - it had this slow motion planetary feel in the original demo but with a change of emotional course and new romantic beginnings it took on a fresh feel and energy. You could say I was inspired by human energy - I

needed that to complete the song. It's centred around that fine line when you're figuring out whether you want to be serious with somebody, but the human energy takes over and makes the decision for you. Use your heart, not your head type thing. It's about natural magnetism.

What can we expect from you in a near future? An EP, album remixes?


There's an album on the way, it's pretty much finished and will be out on the label I've co-founded with my friend and collaborator Connor Nestor called A Label Called Success. It';s been an adventure wearing a few different hats creatively but the midnight work has been done to get all the vibe right. I can't wait to have more music out.

What do you know about Mexico and the music scene?

I've never been to Mexico but would love to go one day, I'm a football fanatic and it was actually Mexico that knocked New Zealand out of World Cup contention in a qualifier a few years back. Chicharito used to play for my favourite team Manchester United too. Anyway - sport aside. I grew

up listening to Neon Indian who is Mexican and my dad had a few Santana cassettes - will take any recommendations for the current wave of Mexican music though? I’m suddenly hungry for Mexican food.

What can you tell us about your mix? 

I love digging for older wilder records that can spark inspiration. I get restless with singular genre's and am not a single genre purest by any means.  It's really just the stuff I'm digging right now, some old stuff, some new stuff, somewhack stuff, some cool stuff. Hope you enjoy the stuff! Be warned, it moves through a few different moods.

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