"Treat Me With A Mixtape" es nuestra sección donde los artistas nos comparten un mixtape a su elección junto con una breve entrevista para que los conozcas si es que no estaban en tu radar o para que los conozcas mejor si es que los topas como en esta ocasión; el legendario trío holandés Kraak & Smaak nos armó un mixtape grabado por Wim, con el jazzy house que los caracteriza, seguro te hará bailar; además nos contestaron un par de preguntas durante su reciente tour en Asia.

Checa lo que nos contestaron y ponte al corriente con su música si es que no has estado al pendiente, este ya maduro proyecto siempre esta actualizado con su sonido...

Where are you guys currently looking up for inspiration? 

From lots of places really. There is a lot of new exciting stuff going on on Spotify, Soundcloud, Bandcamp… we especially use Soundcloud to find and check out new vocalists, always works great.

Our musical vibe is slightly changing again though since the Juicy Fruit album – as always, ha ha – so  maybe the most practical way to get to know our current faves is to check out our playlists on Spotify – too much to mention!


What are your 2018 plans? Any chances of a Juicy Fruit follow-up?

Absolutely! We’re actually knee deep in recording new album material and already have a number of tracks more or less finished. Lots of demo’s floating around at the moment as well, waiting for vocals, or the right touch in general. Not sure we’ll make 2018, but we’re doing our best. 

In the mean time, you may have noticed, we are releasing singles on various labels (Future Disco for example) and just dropped a mix compilation for Toolroom Records. Plus a brand new single is just waiting to get out there, to be released on our own Boogie Angst label – keep your eyes open for early August for that one.

And finally, besides all our studio activities we’re also still playing our asses off with our dj sets and live band. We just returned from a three-week tour in China and have some nice shows lined up for Europe. Of course the Americas are also still in our sights for this year. 

When it comes to the studio how do you guys work it out? How do you share the work between the 3 of you?

When we started out – some time ago already - we just locked ourselves into a small provisional studio room with a sampler, loads of records and some keyboards. Since then however, as K&S really took off since that time, we have gradually moved to a situation in which we divided up the work, with Oscar working full-time in the studio and focus on the live band, me (Wim) running the Boogie Angst label, A&R’ing for K&S, work on the live band and doing dj sets and third member Mark focusing on DJ’ing as he does the most of the dj sets.

However, new music always gets feedbacked by all of us, so in that sense it is still quite the same as in the beginning.


I’m a day party person, so i think your music works even better when the sun it’s still up. Do you guys think about this when creating beats or you guys just go with the flow?

I guess we would have to agree with the flow part: there normally is no pre-set idea of what is going to happen to be honest. So we could easily go from a sunny beach track to a hard boogie funk record to clubby disco (and everything in between), haha. 

But in the end, one way or the other, it’s always K&S, so there is always quite a broad band-with we are working on. Which keeps it fun as well!

This doen’t mean that there is no direction though; it’s just that, especially when you compare the albums with each other, there is a dominant sound and vibe that needs to get out. With one album it’s more electronic, the other more funky and organic, etc.

But we’re always always glad our music gets that extra glow when played in the sun ;)


What are your requirements to classify a party as “legendary”, have you played any this year?

Oof… I guess above all an original selection of music, tracks that really stick out and don’t expect, or in particular combinations. 

We have always played quite different stuff. Coherent, I think, but very diverse. That’s the way we like it ourselves and look for in others. That feeling that you’re always very curious about the next record, you know? 

Greatest party so far this year? We just returned from a sound system tour in China, DJ’ing with our live vocalist, and the last gig at the YinYang festival was really great: at a very old garrison fort in front of the Great Wall, great lighting, a big crowd open to diverse and quality music… that one really made an impact.


What are your favourite releases of 2018 so far?

Phew…. So many! But glancing quickly through my library here, and taking into account our sets for 2018 so far I would say at least these stood out for now:


Bertrand Burgalat – Icare (Yuksek remix)

Disclosure – Ultimatum ft. Fatoumata Diawara

Art of Tones – Double Wheelin

Hotmood – Disco Darbuka

Jimpster – Burning Up

DJ Koze – Pick up

Soulphiction – B3B4URD1 (original mix)

Eli Escobar – City Song pt 2 (Eli’s new version)

Xinobi -  Far Away Place (Pete Herbert dub)

Vhyce – Say We Will ft. Wolfgang Valbrun

Moods - Comfortable ft. High Hoops

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You guys have any solo work going on? 

Sometimes Oscar does some production work for other acts, but overall we are keen to stick to the K&S project in all its facets as much as possible. We don’t have the feeling our creative well is drying for now, and we seem to be able to re-invent ourselves in apparently relevant ways every time, in a manner that keeps us hungry for more. 


How do you guys divide your time between your BoogieAngst label and your dj/producer careers?

It really is all about dividing up the work. Although you could argue that working as a producers trio isn’t the easiest in comparison with a solo or a duo project, it does have advantages too. Not only in terms of creative input and feedback, but also in being able to do all the things that are necessary, at least in our case: recording, producing, A&R’ing, performing, etc. Every one of us brings something unique to the table.

What’s the label cooking up for this year? Any forthcomingreleases you can tease us about? Any new releases youguys are excited about? 

A major event later this year will be Moods’ first album on Boogie Angst – really looking forward to that one.

We recently released new EP’s by Berlin’s Snacks and Belgian dj/producer Vhyce, and are gearing up towards a few more in the remainder of 2018 – artists to be announced! Furthermore, we are planning a second compilation with some hot new signings for around the Amsterdam Dance Event, and of course , as mentioned earlier, our own new K&S single is ready to go for early August on BA as well – that’s going to be a belter for sure.


What are you sharing us with your mixtape?

A selection of our dj faves of this summer, hopefully funky, deep and musically worth the while to lend your ear to!

Track List:

Harry Wolfman – The Accord

Daniel T – Hit the streets (Daniel T edit)

Detroit Swindle -  Cut U loose

Kraak & Smaak ft. Luxxury – Keep It Together (Bas Roos remix)

Sam Irl – Rain Technique

Kraak & Smaak – Real Pain (K&S remix)

Re-Tide ft. Elizabeth – Keep the fire burning

Vhyce ft. Yves Paquet - Duran Duran (Luvless remix)

Octo Champ – Make Heaven

Studioheist ft. Andre Espeut – Keeps You Going

Javi Bora – The Beat Heat

Solomun – Cloud Dancer (Kraak & Smaak remix)

Pascal Verdi - Citycords

Fouk – Down Below