Para los que no conocen a "Les Loups" son un grupo de 3 alemanes radicando en Hamburgo, qué desde el 2010 los une su pasión por la música, cada uno de los integrantes aporta algo especial, Toni & Felix su talento multi-instrumental y Phil su especial técnica de producción.

En sus inicios "Les Loups" nos acaparó con su House, Disco & Funk listo para las pistas de baile, ahora con más experiencia y tras explorar varios generos musicales a su límite, regresan con un sonido más orgánico lleno de elementos que van desde el Dusty Disco al Glowing Pop.

Además de haber acaparado los mejores clubs de Europa con sus DJ sets, estos jóvenes ya más que promesa han armado su live show para llevar la experiencia de Les Loups a otro nivel.


Disfruten del gran Treat que nos armaron mientras leen la pequeña entrevista que nos concedieron...



Brito - Which artists do you think have influenced Les Loups?

Les Loups - We’re crazy about music in all its varieties. Although we had some big idols in the beginning like Daft Punk or the legendary Gorillaz, the influences always came from different directions. Doesn’t matter if it was a Dilla beat, a Nile Rodgers guitar pattern or a Bill Evans chord progression. DJing of course forces us to listen to a lot of contemporary and modern dance and pop music, but nevertheless we love to hear what new sounds are coming up right now, especially by talented artists like FKJ, Maribou State or the amazing Floating Points.


B- Which instruments do you use the most for producing?

LL- We mainly record Bass and Guitar for our productions - as those are essential instruments for our live sets. Besides that we try to include as many analog synthesizers and Drum and Percussion recordings whenever we can. Adding Keys like Rhodes, the good old Wurlizer or Dreamy Pianos is also something we’re hardly able to avoid, because they’re so powerful when it comes to bringing soul and substance into our productions.


B- Which is your favorite own track?

LL- Out of Sight‘, ‚Colourblind‘ and our upcoming collaboration ‚Stay‘ are definitely the productions that we’re most proud of. All of them went through many different stages and got better and better the more we worked on them. We don’t listen to our older productions too often, but when we do it has to be our album ‚Club Cœur‘ from start to finish. No skipping.

B- What do you know about Mexico?


LL- We’ve never been there ourselves (yet) so our insight of Mexico is solely based on clichés. You have amazing food (Guacamole, Burritos, Quesadillas), the most colourful Wrestling scene, an interesting cult for skeletons and, without a doubt, one of the best football national teams.


B- What do you have to say about the Treat you gave us?


LL- We’ve truly made a very special Treat for you guys. This uptempo-focused tape represents a lot of the different genres and vibes we like to play in our DJ sets: modern Nu Disco productions, straight-forward House music, Broken Beats, as well as some dusty Soul and Disco music. It just has to have that little something…

Also for the first time ever you get a glimpse at our upcoming Single as we mixed the Acapella of that song with another track in the mixtape. Plus, the upcoming remix we did for our friend PWNDTIAC is also in there. We’re really excited to share some brandnew Loups music with you!


B- What’s next for Les Loups?


LL-  We have a bunch of stuff lined up for the coming months.

Our housy „The Beach“ remix for PWNDTIAC is part of an amazing EP that is set to be released on the 11th of May. We hope for an official premiere in the next few weeks!

The next Single „Stay“ is pretty much done and features vocals by Danish Soul sensation Marie Dahlstrøm. It’s a pop tune with a lot of Soul and Disco vibes in it and certainly our most ambitious production so far. And then there’s a full-fledged Les Loups EP in the works, a new live set and a handful of remixes where we’ll try out some new things. But more on that at a later date!