Ya tiene 5 años que encontramos "Love Is Real" el sencillo de lo que fuera el primer EP de Moods en el sello Boogie Angst, que si no lo topas es el sello de Kraak & Smaak y su casa, con este sencillo no tardamos en darle follow y esperar a que "Sincere EP" fuera lanzado en aquel ya lejano 2013.

Estos últimos años han sido los más productivos para el joven de Rotterdam, quien paso de ser un beatmaker autodidacto a ser uno de los productores más solicitados, trabajando con artistas como Tom Misch, Jordan Rakei & Ambassadeurs por mencionar algunos.

Con sus principales influencias J Dilla & Peter Rock pero sin encerrarse a un sólo género Moods te acapara con su propio sonido sin un género exacto que puede pasar por el hip hop, nu disco & electrónica.

3 EP's y 2 sencillos, el último lanzado hace un par de semanas, son el previo de lo que este año será el album debut del holandés y por cual nos dimos a la tarea de platicar con el e invitarlo a armarse un mixtape que te muestre su gusto musical.

¡Dale play mientras lees la entrevista, verás como todo concuerda!


Who is Moods and why did you choose that name for the project?  


Moods is a 12 year old kid who fell in love with creating music and that never changed over the years. Now i’m 27 so do the math. This just made me realize I’ve been doing music for a looong time ha!


The reason I went with Moods is because it’s is the best description of my music. I try to evoke a certain emotion from the people listening. Basically my mood or energie. It’s simple like that.



What dragged you to the music scene? 


My brother used to have a friend that one day showed me the music program Fruity Loops. He played a beat that he made with it and I couldn't believe it. At the time I was bumping ‚petestrumentals’ by Pete Rock and I remember thinking, I need to figure out how to do this. 

That was the moment I gave it a shot. 

It took me 6 years to get a decent sound because back then there wasn't really someone who could teach me. Also there wasn't much info online at that time. The process to learn music production took longer but I’m benefiting from that today. Being an autodidact is a great thing because you know it truly comes from passion. And that makes the difference. 



Which are you main music influences?


Depends a little. I like to go back a lot to music from the 70’s. Feel like the compositions were at a peak at that time. Artist like Gil Scott Heron, Patrice Rushen, Curtis Mayfield to name a few are inspiring to me. I feel like I’m trying to go back to that sound but give it a twist with my sound. 


Artist from today I love to listen to are: Galimatias, FKJ, Tom Misch, Pomo to name a few. 

To me they are a new wave of very talented people in the music industry that can truly stamp their mark if they keep progressing. Also they are true to their sound and I love that. 


Can you describe your work in 3 words? 


Warm, groove, joy.


How would you describe the Netherlands electronic music scene?


A lot of electronic music coming from the Netherlands. We seem to be doing great when it comes to commercial music with guys like Martin Garrix, Armin van Buuren etc. 

The electronic scene is quite a thing here too. A lot of talent walking around. There isn't really a market for it though so a lot of talent ends up quitting because they can’t seem to make a living. 

Such a bummer. 


Would you change something about it? 


Yes, I would be more forward thinking when it comes to electronic music. I feel like the Netherlands is 5 years late to whats happening in the US. Like they are scared to support more underground music. Even if the artist is already big in the US. I know many people like myself that are more popular in America and get 0 support in our home country. Very strange. 


What do you like the most about your home label "Boogie Angst”?


Their vision & music taste and the fact to they’ve been supporting for a long time. 

They gave me a solid platform to put out the music with all the opportunities to take it to the next level. No bs, they really care about the music they put out. And also they’re real cool people.


Which is you favorite own track?


Evolve is definitely up there. Love the energy of that track and the way i progresses throughout the track. Also the killer horn section by Mike Lesirge. 


I also like Stimulus. A more strange production but that’s why I really like that one. 

Tons of percussion with weird sounds and a nasty bassline. 


What do you prefer DJ Set or Live?   


At the moment I prefer DJ sets. Still working towards a live set so that might change in the future. 


What can you tell us about your latest song "Comfortable"? 


Comfortable was one of those those tracks that was nice to finish. The process went pretty quickly because everything fell in place right away. It felt good. The reason I say this is because finishing a track can be really tough with all the overthinking and that can take away the simplicity of a track.

Also shout out to my man High Høøps for killing it on the vocals. Was a pleasure to work on that track. 


What can we expect from you on a near future? What are you working on?  


Currently working on my debut album. I’m very close to finishing it so stay tuned for that!

Excited to share that with the world. 


Do you know something about Mexico and his music scene?


Not much to be honest. I love the food haha! 

I assume the music scene is gonna be a lot better than the scene here. 

I would love to experience it. Hope to make it out there one day.  


What can you tell us about your mix?  


I selected some of my current favs with some of my own work. Also an unreleased one.


Mixtape Track ID:

Yussef Kamaal - Ayla

Moods - Truth (feat. Beau Nox)

Daniel Caesar - Paradise 

Sunni (Colón) - Little Things 

Nao - Zillionare

Wayne Snow - Rosie

Breezy Lovejoy - Sadie

Mura Masa - NOTHING ELSE! (feat. Jamie Lidell)

Tom Misch - South Of The River

FKJ - Joy

Mo' Horizons - Ay Y N'Ama (DJ Day Remix)

Moods - One For All (Unreleased) 

Tuxedo - Scooters Groove

The Planty Herbs - Errbodydisco

Honne - Gone Are The Days (MXXWLL Remix) 

River Tiber - West (feat. Daniel Caesar)

Moods - Distance

Brasstracks - Melanin Man (feat. Masego)

Linda Williams - Elevate Our Minds (DJ Vas Rework)

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