Roman kouder

Roman Kouder regresa a nuestra serie de mixtapes, el francés ha estado muy movido durante estos últimos meses, con el lanzamiento de "Lost" en colaboración de Josh Tobias acompañado de un par de remixes el cual incluye uno que en especial nos llama la atención, el de los legendarios Kraak & Smaak; y más reciente con "One Of a Kind" con el mismo vocalista.

Platicamos un poco con el, esta vez le hicimos un par de preguntas más personales, si no lo conoces y quieres saber su historia checa la entrevista mientras le das play a su nuevo mixtape el cual fue grabado en vivo durante su visita al legendario FG Radio en Francia donde ha estado sonando desde entonces en su repetición de programación.  


How it's a normal day in your life? 

There are two parts in my week: Monday to Thursday where I usually wake up and start making music alone all. Then, I spend the night resting. And there is also Thursday to Sunday where I play in clubs the night and have meetings the day. 


If you could live in any part of the world, where it would be? and why?

I’ve lived in different places in Europe, and I can tell Paris is the best to me in any way (lifestyle, food, clubs, etc.). However, I’d like to end up in the south of Spain, with a house front of the beach, making music and cocktails. 


What can you tell us about the creation process of your music?

As I said, I’m really productive when I start making music directly just after waking up. My ears are fresh to listen what I’ve made last night. I make coffee, listen to what I’ve done so far, also listening other artists to get inspired, and start producing/arranging the song. After lunch, this is the time to create where I try new harmonies, new drums kits… I make a lot of unfinished tracks and I note all the information of these tracks in a notebook to then combine all of them to make a full track. Sometime I use drums on one of them, sometime a chord progression or a guitar.

Which is the hardest challenge of music production for you?

I’d say making something different from what we can hear while keeping my own touch. Also keeping inspired while making music every day of every week is pretty challenging. It needs a lot of organization and time to find the best way of “how to work”. 


What are you looking to share us with your music?

Any kind of feelings to be honest. We’ve all already listened to a track in the street and imagining the video of it. I’m looking for people to see images when they listen to it. 


When did you decide to make music your only job?

I was thinking about it during my studies and, the day I finished it, I started making it a job. It really wasn’t a hard choice for me. 


What do you like the most about being a musician?

The freedom to organize my time (which is also very tough). Also meeting other musicians and make music with them. When you remove all the pressure it does on you, it’s pretty fun to make music the week and play your sound the weekend front of people. I love playing DJ and make people dance every weekend. 


Can you describe us your project in 3 words?

Nervous, fun and sad. 

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