Joey aka. Young Franco es un joven productor de la nueva y fresca escena Australiana, lleva un par de años figurando en nuestro radar, arrancando en el 2016 con dos sencillos de su home label Of Leisure, "Don't U Want Me" & "Drop Your Love" acompañado de los canadienses Dirty Radio que fueron sus primeros hits, desde ahí no ha parado de compartirnos tracks y de seguir evolucionando su sonido, puedes escuchar la diferencia con su último track "About This Thing".

Toda esta excelente música lo ha llevado a colaborar con sellos como Maison Kitsuné & The Sound You Need y a remixear artistas de la talla de lo que ahora es Dua Lipa.

Si sigues las transmisiones de Mixmag Lab seguro has escuchado a Young Franco, en más de una ocasión ha sido invitado a sus ediciones desde las oficinas de Australia, si has tenido la oportunidad habrás podido escuchar que es un experto de las tornamesas y que si en alguien puedes confiar a la hora de hacer bailar al público es Young Franco, es un showman detrás de la cabina que con su selección de tracks y producciones originales siempre acaba ganándose al público. ¿No nos crees? Dale play al mixtape que nos armó y checa lo que platicamos con el, seguro para cuando termines de leer serás un nuevo fan.

Q. How did you start your music career?


I started with a copy of Virtual DJ on an old PC laptop. I loved hip hop music and wanted to learn how to scratch, sample old records and learn how to DJ. That was sort of a window into that world. My friend had a pair of turntables which I started learning on. I also got a midi controller at that time and learnt the basics of mixing on that. It was so much fun.


Q. Which artists have influenced you?


I'm influenced by a whole lot of artists. I've been listening to Tom Misch's album to death lately. It's incredible. I'm also loving the new Fabich x Jafunk record as well as Kali Uchi's album. There's so much great music coming out lately!

Q. How would you describe your music?

I think it's a mix of funk, disco and house with a bit of a hip hop influence.


Q. What can you tell about your home label Of Leisure?

It's a really great group of people. Hard working and I'm very lucky we share a very similar vision for the label and my music. It's awesome to have like minded people on your team who you can bounce ideas off.


Q. How was the match with Kitsuné? 


Amazing, I'm very lucky to have worked with Kitsune on several occasions. They've got such an amazing history and are such a staple in making electronic music what it is today. It's amazing being able to work with a label that you have looked up to for so many years.


Q. What can you tell us about your latest single "About This Thing"? 

It's a collaboration between me and UK artist Scrufizzer. We linked up through my friend Motez and he sent me some vocals back for the song straight away. He's an extremely talented dude and to work with him was amazing.


Q. If you could only hear a single song in your life which one would it be?

Claire De Lune - Debussy


Q. How would you describe de Australian electronic music scene? 

Such a thriving culture. There's something about Australians and the fact they would rather see everyone be successful then just themselves is very refreshing. It's a great community.


Q. Do you have a ritual before you produce?

Not really, I generally try and keep a routine with writing music. I think creativity births creativity. If you are continually working on your craft you will be continually find new ways to be inspired.


Q. Which is your favorite own track?

I can't choose. They are like children!


Q. What’s next for you?

I'm working on so much music that I'm really excited about. It's so nice to have a bunch of songs that I can't wait to release. I'm in Europe towards the end of the year and America soon!


Q. Have you been in Mexico or have you heard something about it?


I've never been to Mexico! But its definitely on my bucketlist. I can't wait to visit there. I've heard its so beautiful.